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Fatherhood Initiative

100 Black Men of Atlanta’s Fatherhood Initiative is dedicated to fostering responsible fatherhood, promoting healthy marriages, and ensuring economic stability. This comprehensive program operates in the Atlanta area, offering fathers facing socioeconomic challenges and those who have been previously incarcerated transformative workshops, case management, and an expanded support network.

The program initiative is crafted to strengthen, establish, or reestablish connections between adult fathers and their children, as well as between fathers and their spouse/partner and their children, fostering a safe space environment of growth and mutual understanding. Moreover, the program equips fathers with opportunities to learn and apply social and emotional skills to establish healthier and more stable relationships with their children. This proactive approach aims to counteract their children’s adverse childhood experiences and circumvent their children’s engagement in risky behaviors.

The 100 BMA Fatherhood Initiative envisions a transformed community where fathers, armed with newfound skills and support, contribute to healthier family dynamics and break the cycle of challenges that have hindered them and their children.

Fatherhood Initiative